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                    SBR Rubber Sheet

                    Kaxite offers complete range of SBR Rubber Sheet, according to different requirement offers a variety of material rubber sheets, we produce all kinds of rubber products according to customer's demands. Manufacturer gaskets, etc. Rubber sheets reinforced with cloth or wire.

                    Model:KXT B400SBR

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                    Product Description

                    Our affordable styrene-butadiene rubber sheet (SBR) is a polymer for manufacturing rubber products.

                    It can be made so it is tensile and won't wear easily nor react with other chemicals.


                    With resilience as good as natural rubber, SBR rubber sheets can be used as an affordable replacement in
                    HVAC and construction industry since it is versatile, flexible and tough. Our SBR rubber sheet in specification
                    grade material is suitable for making conveyor belts, chute liners, low pressure gaskets, wall liners, table liners,
                    shelf liners and workstation rubber materials that can withstand contact with chemicals and alkali.

                    Specifications Parameters of Industrial NBR Rubber Sheet

                    Thickness 1.0mm~150mm
                    Regular width 1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.5, 1.8,  2m (max. 4m)
                    Length 10-30m in common or any length customized
                    Color Black, red, green, blue, grey, yellow, orange, etc.
                    Density/Specific gravity 1.05g/cm3~2/cm3
                    Tensile strength 2~15MPa
                    Elongation at break 150~500%
                    Hardness 45-85 Shore A
                    Temperature range -50℃~100℃
                    Machining Can be cut into strips or pieces, punched, or stamped into gaskets
                    Minimum order quantity 500kg

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