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                    Octagonal Ring Joint Gasket

                    > Octagonal Ring Joint Gasket are for oilfield and process industry duties. > Octagonal shape gasket is belong to API 6A R series > These gaskets are used in pressures up to 10,000 PSI, more than Oval ring joint. > The oval type is the only gasket that will fit a bottom radiused groove. > Gaskets and not re-used after torque.

                    Model:KXT 810

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                    Product Description

                    Octagonal Ring Joint Gasket

                    installed inside a ladder type ring groove on the surface of the flange, when screw down the connecting bolt, the axial compression and up and down the ladder type slot 1, produce plastic deformation, forming a ring seal belt, establish the initial seal.After booster, under the action of medium pressure, make the ring gasket radial expansion.Gasket with trapezoidal groove cant post more tightly, self-tightening effect.Medium pressure increases, however, also can make the flange and the connecting bolt deformation, caused by a relative separation between the sealing surface, gasket seal than relative decline, thus, ring gasket can be thought of as a half since the tight closure.

                    Octagonal metal ring gasket

                    It mainly match with flange groove is surface contact, compared with the oval ring gasket though with flange groove or not easily, but it can be used again, and because of the cross section is made up of straight line easy processing.At the same time choose octagonal metal ring gasket material should be lower than the flange surface hardness 15 ~ 20 hb


                    When octagonal type is chosen, the material hardness of the pad should be 15~20HB lower than that of the flange face. It is recommended the pad is not recycled.

                    Applicable standards

                    ANSI B16.5-1973 、 JPI-75-15-70 、 GB 699 、 GB1220 、 JB755 、 HG20633-97

                    Octa ring gasket drawings

                    Main materials

                    Material Maximum hardness BRINELL Temperature( ℃ ) Abbreviations marker
                    Brucellosis Rockwell
                    Soft Iron 90 56 -60~500 D
                    Low Carbon Steel 120 68 -40~540 S
                    304SS 160 83 -250~540 304
                    304LSS 160 83 -250~540 304L
                    316SS 160 83 -200~815 316
                    316LSS 160 83 -200~815 316
                    321SS 160 83 -200~870 321
                    347SS 160 83 -200~870 347
                    410SS 170 86 -40~850 410
                    5Cr-0.5Mo 130 -29 650
                    Copper 80 -100 315
                    Aluminum 35 -200 425
                    Inconel 600 150 -100 1095
                    Incoloy 825 150 -100 1095
                    Monel 400 150 -100 760
                    Titanium 215 -200 540
                    Nickel 200 - 110 200 760
                    Hastelloy B2 230 -100 1095
                    Hastelloy C276 210 -100 1095

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