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                    25% Bronze filled PTFE Tube

                    25% bronze filled PTFE tube,With more than 20 years of expertise, our team of specialists is skilled at offering advice and guidance regarding the production and construction of new material solutions in bronze filled PTFE materials compound.

                    Model:KXT P103

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                    Product Description

                    Style BF60 - PTFE and 60% Bronze

                    60% Bronze Filled PTFE TEFLON Tube is a filled compound containing 40% pure PTFE mixed with 60% bronze powder. The bronze filled in PTFE help to enhance much more mechanical properties, dimensional stability and thermal conductivity than normal grades of PTFE. The 60% bronze filled PTFE offers a broad operating temperature and also low cold creep, but provides the weakest resistance to chemicals when compared to any other PTFE grades available due to the bronze filler. It is comprised of 40% Virgin Teflon PTFE and 60% bronze powder, which helps to create a material that provides resistance to wear under high compressive loads and dissipate static as well as heat when in application.

                    In comparison to other filled PTFE compounds, the bronze filled PTFE material is one of the densest grades which available with a specific gravity of 3.8 g/cm³. It provides similar kinetic coefficient of friction to the glass and stainless steel filler options for PTFE and offers very low deformation under high load, making it ideal for using as a bearing without lubrication

                    As the manufacturer of 60% Bronze Filled PTFE Teflon Tube, we have the capability to convert bronze filled PTFE compounds into finished products such as gaskets, piston rings and high performance slide plates by using our advanced CNC machines. This product is primarily used in alternating, oscillating and helical movements where resistance to chemicals is not important. For more information regarding the services we can provide, please contact us. And we also can make 25%, 40%, 50% bronze filled PTFE tube, rod and sheets.

                    60% Bronze Filled PTFE Data Sheet

                    Properties Test Methods Typical Value Test Unit
                    Density ASTM D795 3.8 g/cm3
                    Hardness shore D ASTM D2240 68 Sh.D
                    Tensile strength ASTM D4745
                    18 Mpa
                    Elongation at break 23°C ASTM D4745 180 %
                    Coefficent of static friction ASTM D1894 0.185 -
                    Flamability UL 94 V-0 -
                    Thermal conductivity 23°C ASTM C177 0.65 W/K.m
                    Working temperature - -200 to 260 °C

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