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                    Flange Insulation Gasket Kits

                    Flange Insulation Gasket KitType E, Type F, and Type D flange insulation gasket kits along with its sleeve, washer could be NEMA grade G10, G11, G7, Phenolic, Mylar, Nomex, Plain Phenolic materials.

                    Model:G10 Tube

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                    Product Description

                    What Is Flange Insulation Gasket Kit?

                    Flange insulation gasket kits are designed for electrically insulating the flanges, and they act as an insulator between dissimilar metallic flanges. Also, they are used to isolate sections of pipework electrically in the cathodic protection systems, thus preventing the electrostatic charge flow along the pipelines as they remove the possibility of galvanic cell system creation.

                    Corrosion is definitely one among most destructive factors in natures, nonetheless through the use of flange insulation gasket kit supplied by us Ningbo Kaxite this costly profit robbing item can almost be eliminated. We are the one leading manufacturer and supplier for Style FIK 600 flange insulation gasket kit with consistent premium quality, the gasket we make can always be used to control and also confine electrolytic corrosion in just about every piping program. Flange insulation gasket kits from us is produced from materials with remarkable large dielectric strength, low water absorption as well as chemical security to keep the premium quality required in refinery and chemical plant programs. Hydrocarbon being exposed, weathering and salt water are generally no problem for our insulating materials. Our quality guarantee along with large output ability enable our customers to economically protect and lengthen the service life of devices.

                    Major Applications of Flange Insulation Gasket Kits

                    Flange Insulation Gasket Kit can be used in all such places where galvanic corrosion protection and electrical insulation is needed. Common Application areas are piping or pipeline systems with seawater environments, offshore installations, chemical installations, oil refinery pipelines and so on.

                    Components of A Flange Insulation Gasket Kit

                    1 one central big flat or oval section gasket.
                    2 one insulation sleeve per bolt.
                    3 two insulating washers per bolt.
                    4 two plated steel washers per bolt.

                    All these components are produced using special materials possessing chemical stability, dielectric properties, and low water absorption so that the purpose is solved. And the materials for components usually are NEMA grade G10, G11, G7, Phenolic, Mylar, Nomex, Phenolic materials.

                    The Types of Flange Insulation Gasket Kits

                    Ningbo Kaxite produce a whole line of regular flange insulation gasket kits like Type F gaskets, Type E gaskets and Type D (API Ring Joint) gaskets.

                    Type E Flange Insulation Gasket (FULL FACE)

                    Type E Flange insulation Gasket Kit is designed for whole safety of flanges and have the exact same outside size as the flange. Each one insulation gasket features accuracy machined bolt holes. On assembly, it is recommended that sealing tape be wrapped surrounding the outside of the particular flange to counteract external material from lodging between the totally exposed portions and triggering shorting out of the flanges. Almost all Type E gaskets are easily centered with all the flange inside diameter. Gaskets with slightly much larger outside diameters are accessible on demand. Type E gaskets are available in G10, G11, G7, Neoprene or Nitrile Faced Phenolic, Plain Phenolic, and G10 with stainless steel 316 core or Non-asbestos materials.

                    Type F Flange Insulation Gasket (RING FACE GASKET)

                    Type F Flange insulation Gasket Kit is made to physically fit the raised face component of flanges. The outside size of the gasket is slightly small compared to the inside diameter of the bolt hole circle. The outside diameter is designed for alignment by the insulating sleeves. The central gaskets can be obtained in the exact same materials as Type E. Upon installing, it is recommended that tape be covered around the outside of the flange in order to avoid external materials from lodging between your uncovered portions and creating shorting out of the flanges.

                    Type D Flang Insulation Gasket Kit (API RING JOINT GASKET)

                    Type D Flange insulation Gasket Kit is actually insulating ring joint gaskets made to physically fit the particular ring groove of Ring Type Joint flanges. The Type D central gasket is made of medium weave fabric reinforced phenolic or G10, made to ASME B16.20 gasket sizes. Attributes are usually similar to the ones from phenolic or G10 flat main gaskets and are available in the basic octagonal shapes. Oval Ring Type Joint gasket shapes can be requested by unique demand. Once installing Type D Flange insulation Gasket Kit, it can also be highly recommended that sealing adhesive tape be wrapped around the outside of the flange in order to avoid foreign material from lodging involving the subjected portions and creating shorting out of the flanges. Positioning pins really should be made use of whenever you can to make sure right positioning of flanges while installing most flange insulation sets. Pins needs to be at the least 2.38 mm bigger than the bolt dimensions.

                    TFikseal™ Flange Isolation Gasket Kit

                    TFikseal™ Flange insulation Gasket Kit has a rectangular sealing element in combination with a unique groove design to effectively seal and isolate flanges for potable water and other low pressure fluid piping applications. This kind of Flange insulation Gasket Kit is available in raised face and flat face flanges in ANSI Class 150, 300 and 600 service. The sealing element materials can be Nitrile, Viton, Teflon PTFE or PTFE (Teflon) spring energized seal. Flange insulation Gasket Kit is an excellent choice for isolating distribution lines and transport lines for gas, oil and water. Because of the gasket kit has very good resistance to creep relaxation, it performs well in heat exchangers, applications with high vibration or excessive thermal cycling.

                    Gasket Types According to Working Pressure Rating

                    The Flange insulation gasket kits also can be divided into two types: Low pressure and high pressure flange insulation gasket kits 

                    Low Pressure Flange Insulation Gasket Kits

                    If the central big gasket retainer of flange insulation gasket kit is made of insulating materials such as ema Grade G10, G11, G7, Neoprene Faced Phenolic, Plain Phenolic, so it can be regarded as low pressure gasket seal, they are created for low pressure service in transmission, distribution and process piping systems. Flange insulation gasket kits which include gaskets, sleeves and washers, are available for all flange sizes, types, pressure ratings, and materials, and the working pressure is from ANSI 150 class, 300 class and 600 class. 

                    High Pressure Flange Isolation Gasket Kits

                    High pressure flange insulation gasket kit is one kind of gaskets used for critical service, it provides the utmost safety and reliability in some of the most demanding, dangerous environments on earth. And it is usually reinforced with a stianless steel core such as SS316, designed and constructed of premium materials and extensively tested in conditions that far exceed field service specifications. Our critical service flange insulation gasket kits provide the dependability you need when failure is absolutely unacceptable and this kind of gasket can seal and insulate at all pressures up through ANSI 2500# and API 15,000 PSI.

                    View our product Style FIK 600 - VCS - VCS High Pressure Flange Insulation Gasket Kit for more informations.

                    Flange Insulation Gasket Kit Materials

                    Central Big Gasket Retainer Materials

                    Central big gasket retainer materials are G3, G7, Nitrile-Face, Plain Phenolic, G10, Neoprene faced Phenolic, Klinger, Teflon, Durlon, etc

                    Gasket Material
                    Dielectric Strength
                    Compressive Strength
                    Water Absorption
                    Tensile Strength
                    Operating Temp (oC)
                    Plain Phenolic 500 vpm 25 ksi 1.6% 20 ksi -54 - 104
                    Neoprene Faced Phenolic 500 vpm 25 ksi 1.6% 20 ksi -54 - 79
                    Reinforced PTFE 350 vpm 2.3 ksi 0.01% 1450 psi -196 - 260
                    G7 350 vpm
                    40 ksi 0.07% 25 ksi -196 - 232
                    G10 550 vpm 55 ksi 0.1% 45 ksi -196 - 138
                    G11 550 vpm 57 ksi 0.1% 43 ksi -196 - 176

                    Insulating Sleeve Materials

                    Insulating sleeve materials are available in G10, G7, G11, Mylar, polyethylene, phenolic, and Nomex. They are designed to fit easily over the flange bolts, and may be used with standard-sized bolts and bolt holes even with some misalignment. Insulating sleeves are used with separate insulating washers and have a standard wall thickness of 0.79mm.
                    Sleeve Material
                    Dielectric Strength
                    Low operating temp
                    Max operating temp
                    Water Absorption
                    Mylar 500 vpm -59°C 149°C 0.8%
                    Nomex 500 vpm -54°C 232°C
                    G7 350 vpm
                    -196°C 232°C 0.07%
                    G10 550 vpm -128°C 150°C 0.1%
                    G11 550 vpm -45°C 202°C 0.1%

                    Insulating Gasket Washer Material

                    Standard insulating washers are made of high strength insulation materials such as G10, G7, G11, phenolic and mica, they provide tough, positive insulation at temperatures maxly up to 200 oC.

                    Sleeve Material
                    Dielectric Strength
                    Compressive Strength
                    Tensile Strength
                    Water Absorption
                    500 vpm 25000 psi 20000 psi 1.6%
                    400 vpm 30000 psi 32000 psi 0.01%
                    G7 350 vpm
                    40000 psi 25000 psi 0.07%
                    G10 550 vpm 65000 psi 50000 psi 0.1%
                    G11 550 vpm 50000 psi 43000 psi 0.1%

                    Steel Washer Materials

                    Steel washers are designed to fit over the insulating sleeve or retainer ring on the one-piece sleeves and washers. The materials usually are zinc plated carbon steel, also can be stainless steel 304 or 316 materials. Sometimes for special application, the steel washer can be HCS with X37 coating.

                    Suggested Materials of Flange Isolation Gasket Kit Used for Pipe Line

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